Hitchhiking – the worst day

There is this lonely motel-restaurant somewhere in the nowhere on the route 22 in Poland. In both directions it takes kilometers to get to the next city. The owner is making wood for the fireplace, not really expecting any customers. Than there comes this weird German pedestrian guy with his huge backpack, orders a beer, drinks it, pays and goes ahead on his long way through Poland. „These Germans are crazy!“ was for sure his thought.

Maybe it was some kind of a sign that the first guy who gave me a lift called me crazy, when I told him about my plans to travel through Central and Eastern Europe for four month. Though I am not 100% sure that he really understood me. He didn’t speak German or English, so we had to talk a Polish-Slovak-Dictionary-Hands mix. Anyway we spend funny 50 kilometers with each other. After he asked me if I left my razor at home I told him (google translator helped me) „Kobiety lubią brodę“ what seemed to be pretty amusing for him.

After I left his car I started to be suspicious about this hitchhike. I was standing at a street, were it seemed that almost no cars are driving. But it was such a great idea in my head to go this way. It is almost straight from Gorzow to Gdansk. The only problem was, if there is nothing between those two cities, there will drive no cars. So I walked and walked and walked and a young lady stopped for me. Though she didn’t speak English or German neither, she took me a few kilometers ahead. To a place were even less cars drive.

Again I walked and walked and walked and made a small brake at a lonely motel-restaurant, ordered a beer, drank it, payed and walked ahead. After a few kilometers walking, a nice guy gave me a ride who even spoke a bit German, what made conversations way easier. When he said that he will drive a short detour, I thought that he wants to pick something up on his way, but no! When we were somewhere in the woods he all of the sudden stopped the car, turned off the engine and I started to be a bit suspicious, what will go on now. And something really weird happened. The car rolled up a hill! Seriously, I saw that the street is going up, but the car didn’t roll down the hill, but up. Could anybody be so kind to show Newton this place?

Before I got the next lift, I was again: walking, walking, yes you know what I want to say. But this was again something special. It was a polish truck driver who was carrying fuel in his truck. A nice guy with two children and a wife at home. But so vulgar, that if I were good in remembering vocabulary, I would know every bad word in polish language.

The number five was an old lady who meant it good with me, because she took me from a crossroad to a gas station. But unfortunately not everything what is meant good, is really good. This gas station had two disadvantages: first one, only locals stayed there, second one, I couldn’t walk away from there because it was directly situated at a highway. Therefore I spent maybe two hours at this station until I saw a car with the amazing two letters on the licence plate: GD. So I was sitting close to the car and watching it like a vulture an dying animal. The result was: „Gdansk? That direction!“, „Yes I know, but would you give me a lift?“ „Oh I am not going there.“,- Of course not, asshole! Yes, after ten hours hitchhiking you start to be mean. But as a properly raised young man, of course just in mind.

Finally, after about 11 hours the last car stopped for me. And this really nice guy didn’t only give me a lift but also gave me his tablet that I could search for a hostel, his phone for calling it and gave me a straight ride to the hostel. If you read this: THANK YOU :) You were my hero for the day.

After this thirteen hours I looked like that:

Now I am sitting in the hostel and I am looking forward to meet my couchsurfing host tomorrow. And I am also looking forward to see the sea, my beloved sea.

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Eine leere Seite – an empty page

Hallo Leute / Hi folks,

Dies war mal mein Reiseblog, da den aber sowieso niemand gelesen hat (außer Spam-Bots), habe ich ihn nun gelehrt und gekündigt. Darum seht ihr hier noch bis Anfang 2018 diese leere Seite. Für meine Forschung, Lehre und Beratung baut mir meine wundervolle Frau gerade eine neue Seite, welche unter marcus-huelsdau.eu zu finden sein wird.


This used to be my traveling blog. However I decided to empty it, as anyway nobody but spambots read it. The contract for the page is canceled and this will go offline in January of 2018. That’s why you see this rather empty page. My wonderful wife is right now coding a new page for my Research, Teaching and Consulting, which you will find at marcus-huelsdau.eu

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